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Valhalla Knights

Size: 289 MB
Release Date: 2007-04-18
Publisher: Xseed Games
Language(s): English
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  1. Valhalla Knights

    Size: 289 MB
    Release Date: 2007-04-18
    Publisher: Xseed Games
    Language(s): English

    A place that was forgotten from history, where humans, elves, dwarfs, halflings and other various races lived together in harmony it was a paradise, surrounded by deep green forests and crystal clear streams.
    However, the roar of the demons tore apart their peaceful lives. It was the return of the Dark Lord, the previous ruler of the land, which sparked a new round of battles which would eventually encompass all the races.
    After years of fierce fighting, the Dark Lord was sealed away by the hands of the hero, Rastul. But from the blood of the demons, the land had been cursed and the sky lost its light. The cursed land entrapped the people, making every waking moment feel like an eternity. Eventually the land once known as a paradise came to be known as "The Cursed Land."
    One day, a youth wakes up in this land. In this land full of despair, the youth searches for his/her lost memory. What lies ahead are the discovery of his/her memories and the future of this forsaken land.
    Customizable characters give each player a unique experience select from five races (human, dwarf, halfling, elf, machine) and eight different job classes (Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Knight, Samurai, Ninja, Anchor)Complete quests to earn more gold to help recruit new party members or upgrade equipmentEnjoy the vast selection of weapons, armors, and accessories which also become visible on the in-game models when equippedReal-time battles in which the player can switch between controlling any of the six party members on the flyHighly detailed indoor and outdoor environments such as forests, dungeons, tunnels, castles, and an old ninja villageEncounter up to 150 different types of monsters, including dragons, giants, vampires, ghosts and enemy samurais2-Player Co-op Mode - Features 30 co-op missions exclusive to the multi-player mode. Each player chooses three characters from their single-player party to participate (one human and two other characters), and all items earned are distributed by the host and can be carried back to each player's respective single-player game.2-Player Versus Mode - Allows each player to select up to six characters to form their battle party. An item or set amount of gold is set as the wager, with the victorious party receiving the winnings from the losing party. The terms of victory can be set to completely eliminate the opposing party, have more HP left after a one-minute time limit or have more HP left after a five- minute time limit.



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