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Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner

Size: 477 MB
Release Date: 2007-02-22
Publisher: Atlus
Language(s): English
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  1. Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner

    There was a time when mankind and monsters coexisted in peace, but The Great Disaster put an end to that era. The world changed radically, with all the planets monsters disappearing in an instant, leaving behind only jewels that radiated tremendous energy. This energy source became known as jewel power and enabled the survivors to revive their civilization.
    Now, the peace achieved through jewel power has been endangered by a new threat. Strange Abominations have mysteriously appeared and unleashed legions of monsters on the helpless populace. To combat them, an organization known as the Order was established to study jewels and harness their power. Their research led to the formation of an elite class of warriors called Jewel Summoners, those with the power to summon monsters from jewels and control them in combat. With the aid of the Order, it is up to these powerful Jewel Summoners to restore peace once again!
    Developed and produced by the game design master Cozy Okada, the Co-Founder of Atlus and creator of the Shin Megami Tensei series!Over 5 hours of brilliant voice acting brings Jewel Summoners unforgettable heroes to life!A phenomenal soundtrack designed by a dream team of over 10 renowned composers, including Shinji Hosoe (Ridge Racer series), Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII), Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger) and others!Use the power of amalgamy to evolve your monsters and create a creature with unrivaled power!Collect, trade, and battle monsters with your friends for ultimate bragging rights!



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