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Dainiji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei Hen

Size: 1.5 GB
Release Date: 2012-04-03
Publisher: Bandai namco Games
Language(s): Japanese - English (patched)
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  1. Dainiji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei Hen

    Size: 1.5 GB
    Release Date: 2012-04-03
    Publisher: Bandai namco Games
    Language(s): Japanese - English (patched)

    The 2nd Super Robot Taisen continues in Saisei-hen. The story picks up directly at the end of the first game. All the heroes who showed off their piloting skills will have new missions and events. This second game boasts an even larger stable of robots and story elements from the latest mecha shows.
    Foes from the 2nd season of Gundam 00 series are going to give the Celetial Beings more trouble, so Setsuna and his fellow pilots have to ride out to space to meet them. Lelouche from Code Geass is hatching more plans, and you will feel the effects of his devilish genius as Kururugi Suzaku in the game



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