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Accel World Kasoku no Chouten

Size: 1.1 GB
Release Date: 2013-02-11
Publisher: Bandai Nanco Games
Language(s): Japanese
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  1. Accel World Kasoku no Chouten

    Size: 1.1 GB
    Release Date: 2013-02-11
    Publisher: Bandai Nanco Games
    Language(s): Japanese

    Accel World Stage two takes gamers to the second school semester. After the climatic battles from the first stage, Haruyuki is more or less accustomed to the Brain Burst system.
    However, Kuroyukihime is planning to speed things up even more for them. She has announced her intention to study abroad after graduation, so they have just six more months to push her up to level 10.
    During this period, big, chaotic events are happening. The Armour of Disaster is making its appearance and to make things even more complicated, rumours about the legendary gear Brave Stars are floating everywhere. Besides upgrading equipment, Haruyuki has to go and save the Ardour Maiden, join the races and be involved in the collapse of the Crypt Cosmic Circus.



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