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Snoopy Vs The Red Baron

Size: 282 MB
Release Date: 2006-10-25
Publisher: Nanco Bandai
Language(s): English
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  1. Snoopy Vs The Red Baron

    Size: 282 MB
    Release Date: 2006-10-25
    Publisher: Nanco Bandai
    Language(s): English

    While snoozing atop his doghouse one day, Snoopy has a magical dream. Just like in the celebrated Peanuts comic strip, he becomes a virtuoso flying ace, piloting his World War I bi-plane in a heroic attempt to foil the plans of his archenemy, the Red Baron. Join Snoopy and friends as you take on the nefarious Baron and his cohorts in this enchanting aerial adventure.
    Play as WWI Flying Ace Snoopy in an adventure that includes cameo appearance from 12 characters such as Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Marcie and SallyBarnstorm your way across six vividly rendered worlds and collect clues to reveal the whereabouts of the Red Baron's top secret hideoutPilot Snoopy's famous Sopwith Camel and other unique aircraft in perilous sky-high dogfights, no-holds-barred air races and heart-pounding missions behind enemy linesUpgrade your craft with a comical collection of 25 weapons and gadgets, including the lightning fast, player-guided Woodstock missile, the Bee-Shooter and the Potato CannonFight your way through 50+ single-player and co-op missions in a heroic attempt to foil the plans of the Red BaronPlay in any of five modes: Single-player, Cooperative, Team Multiplayer, Versus Multiplayer and Battle



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