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Digimon Adventure

Size: 1.13 GB
Release Date: 2013-01-17
Publisher: Nanco Bandai Games
Language(s): Japanese - English (patched)
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  1. Digimon Adventure

    Size: 1.13 GB
    Release Date: 2013-01-17
    Publisher: Nanco Bandai Games
    Language(s): Japanese - English (patched)

    Episodes : Player will explore areas based on the episode list in the anime. Party leader is changed depending on the episode. However, most area access in the game limited by episode making most side-quests and treasure chests are missable.
    Battle: Battle using turn based system and enemy digimon can be seen on screen. Player can use Attack, Skills, Items, Digivolve, and more. 3 Digimon will be in battle. Each action will have turn delay that requires strategy before input command to Digimon.

    Digi-Chips: Similar like Equipment system in RPG games, player can equip or unequip parts found in the game (side-quest, battle reward, item mix, and more). Digi-Chips has various effects which are divided into colors for each category: stat boost (red), adding skills (blue), passive ability (green), and misc effect (pink).

    Relationship: Player will have some chances to talk with other DigiDestined. By choosing the right option or do a few things to satisfy them, relationship level between characters will increase. High relationship levels will give advantages, like assist attack that make a Digimon can use extra attack without consuming SP or turn and unlocking extra episodes to unlock Mega levels for all digimons except WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

    Plot Changes: While the main story from the anime doesn't change much, there are some scenes which changed in the game mainly due to player's decision or player's relationship level.



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