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Megaman Powered Up

Size: 237 MB
Release Date: 2006-03-15
Publisher: Capcom
Language(s): English
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  1. Megaman Powered Up




    237.90 MB


    Action: Platformer: 2D



    In Mega Man Powered Up, a near future sees advances in science that have helped Dr. Light and his fellow researchers develop humanoid robots designed to improve quality of life for mankind. All is harmonious until an evil scientist named Dr. Wily takes control of several robots in his quest to take over the planet. With Dr. Light's help, a household helper robot named Mega Man embarks on a mission to restore peace to the world.

    In this classic 2D side-scroller, players take on the role of Mega Man as he slides, shoots and jumps his way through a variety of themed stages, ultimately facing off against a menacing boss character for each. Stages can be selected in any order and can be retried as many times as possible. Actions, moves and weapons earned in areas can be strategically used to finish others and will also provide access to previously inaccessible sections of levels players have already beaten.
    Fun new visual style provides a fresh face lift
    MegaMan and company now feature super sized cartoon heads
    Every level has been revitalized, producing vibrant environments
    Fully revamped audio
    All original background music and sound effects are remixed
    Original background music is also available for the authentic old-school experience
    Complete voice acting for all cut scenes draws players even further into the adventure
    Totally redesigned level structure
    Every level features modified map structures as well as varied item locations
    New tricks for getting past obstacles have been implemented
    Even those who have played the original game can experience a fresh challenge, however a game mode featuring the configurations from the original version is also included as an option
    All new cut scenes before boss battles
    Intuitive level editor option allows endless possibilities
    Players can design their own stages creating challenges that are only limited by their own imagination
    Customize everything from enemy and object placement to music
    Collect "item packs" from the main game to unlock more objects for even more variety when crafting levels
    Online options offer even further gameplay challenges
    Use the PSP system's infrastructure mode to share levels with friends and fellow fans around the world
    Download stages created by others for a limitless array of challenges
    Mega Man Challenge 100 � take a break from the main story mode by putting skills to the test in 100 different short stages, each with its own objectives and challenges
    Two new boss characters, each with their own newly designed stages
    For the first time, play as any of the eight boss robots in the game � utilize their unique abilities and characteristics to zip past obstacles
    Three difficulty levels


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