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Tekken 6

Size: 730.39 MB
Release Date: 2009-12-11
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Language(s): English - Russian - French - Spanish - German - Italian
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  1. Game Name: Tekken 6

    Region: EUR

    Media: UMD

    Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

    Genre: Action: Fighting: 3D

    Language(s): English - Russian - French - Spanish - German - Italian

    Game Description:

    Optimized for the PSP system, TEKKEN 6 will not only contain all the explosive action of its home console brethren but also feature additional stages, content, items, and an ad-hoc multiplayer mode. Fighting amongst friends is encouraged as players can battle wirelessly against each other using original or fan favourite characters. Rounding out its list of impressive features is the return of the �Ghost� Infrastructure mode, which allows players to upload their �ghost� character data and download others� from the Internet onto their PSP. When players have reached the height of their TEKKEN fighting skills, they will be able to see how they stack up against others through the game�s network support.

    Size: 730.39 MB


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